The Board of the Foundation evaluates opportunities and directs its philanthropic giving to organizations, projects, and programs that help realize the mission left by the Halsells: “to improve the quality of life for all Texans especially those less fortunate than ourselves.”  These investments have created opportunities - extending the pioneering spirit of the Halsells so that current and future generations have the access and ability to pioneer their own legacy.

In alignment with the personal interests of the Halsells, the Foundation has supported the arts, educational enterprises from institutions of higher learning to after school programs, environment, conservation, faith, health and human services, biomedical sciences, research and many others in San Antonio and South Texas.

The Ewing Halsell Foundation invests in partner organizations that are:

  • VISIONARY - Exhibit core competencies and visionary efforts in their area of expertise
  • DYNAMIC - Demonstrate creative models for achieving success
  • IMPACTFUL - Attempt to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others and measure results
  • COLLABORATIVE - Align with other strategic partners
  • FINANCIALLY SECURE - Support & show evidence of financial stability

Through the years, the Foundation has had various ‘seasons’ of grant making – focusing support toward a particular area to allow for a larger impact.  The Foundation’s current ‘season’ of grant making is focused on improving K-12 educational opportunities for students, families, and educators in San Antonio. Several large and long-term commitments have been made toward this effort.

Grant Guidelines:

  • Organizations must be an Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) or 170(c) entity that is not a private foundation under section 509(a).
  • The Foundation does not issue grants to individuals.
  • The Foundation does not issue grants used to carry on propaganda or attempt to influence legislation.
  • The Foundation typically does not issue grants for general operation support, debt reduction, table sponsorships, or endowments.
  • Generally, most of the grants are made in the San Antonio area and in the Southwest Texas area where a large part of its income producing property is located. We discourage requests for support outside the San Antonio area unless initiated by a Foundation representative.
  • Emergency Funding ‐ Due to the frequency of Director meetings, applicants needing immediate help should seek other resources.
  • Generally, the Foundation will only consider one Grant Request Application from an organization within a twelve-month period.

Grant Application Process:

The Ewing Halsell Foundation is NOT currently accepting new grant applications. 

The Ewing Halsell Foundation is currently focused on K-12 Education initiatives in Bexar County. We have made several large and long term commitments toward these efforts. At this time, grants are being considered by invitation only.

Grant Application Preview:

All applications must be submitted through our online grant application system found at the link above. The following Grant Application Preview is for reference purpose only and can be found below.

Grant timeline:

Grants submitted April 1-August 31 will typically be reviewed by November 30.                         

Grants submitted September 1-March 31 will typically be reviewed by June 30.